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We’re going to recommend some universities that most match your wants and needs. To help us do that, we’ll ask you a series of short questions.

It won’t take long but your answers will help us understand the universities that you may be most suited to.

  • Question 1 of 16
  • What subject area are you interested in?

    (You pick a subject here but it's easy to retake the quiz if you want to look at other options)

  • Question 2 of 16
  • Enter the predicted grade for each of the A-levels you’re studying

  • Question 3 of 16
  • What parts of the UK are you up for studying in?

    Ok, now let’s find out what kind of university you are looking for.

    We’ve purposely only given you two choices to pick from.

    This helps us work out your priorities and make better recommendations. So, just pick the option that is closest to what’s important to you.

    We're going to ask you 3 questions that will help us see if you prefer to study at a university that is based in a city or on campus.
  • Question 4 of 16
  • In city-based universities, you will be around activities and people that aren't students, whereas in campus universities, you'll be immersed in the student experience.

    A city university
    A campus university
  • Question 5 of 16
  • In campus universities, your friends will often be within a short walk, but in city-based universities, although your friends will be spread across the city, you'll have more options for things to do with them.

    Have your friends within 5 minutes' walk
    Have more options for things to do with your friends
  • Question 6 of 16
  • Campus universities can often be in rural areas with fresh air and easy access to green spaces, whereas city-based universities have more shops and entertainment choices.

    Walks outside, scenery, countryside
    Shops, bars, social buzz
    We're going to ask you 3 questions that will help us understand how important your salary after graduation is to you.
  • Question 7 of 16
  • What matters you to more when thinking about reasons to go to university?

    Get a job that earns more
    Keep learning about what I find interesting
  • Question 8 of 16
  • Thinking about your career after your university, would you be more motivated by a job that paid a high salary but with long and sometimes boring hours, or a job that paid less but you really enjoyed right from day one

    A high paying job
    A job that I enjoy right from day one
  • Question 9 of 16
  • What kind of company would you prefer to work for after university: a large, international business that might pay more, or a charity that might do more for society?

    A large international business
    A charity or non-profit organization
    We're going to ask you 3 questions that will help us understand how you choose your accommodation.
  • Question 10 of 16
  • When you are choosing your university accommodation, what's more important to you?

    Finding a place to live that isn't as comfortable but is affordable
    Finding a place to live that is comfortable but costs a bit more
  • Question 11 of 16
  • When you’re planning a night out, which sounds more like you?

    Plan something at home to save some money
    Plan something out and spend a bit more
  • Question 12 of 16
  • What do you think you would be more likely to do to cover your living costs?

    Take on a part-time job
    Get some help from family
    We're going to ask you 3 questions that will help us understand how important a university's teaching quality and league table ranking are.
  • Question 13 of 16
  • You find out about a degree course that sounds great. However, while researching the course, you find out that the university has a low rating the quality of teaching.

    A lot
    A little
  • Question 14 of 16
  • Thinking about university life, what's more important to you? A university with great study facilities - e.g. libraries, lecture theatres, labs - or somewhere that caters to all aspects of your lifestyle.

    Great academic facilities would matter a lot to me
    Finding a good fit for my lifestyle would matter more
  • Question 15 of 16
  • How important is a university's league table position to you?

    A lot
    A little
  • Question 16 of 16
  • Thanks for telling us your preferences, there’s just one more step to go. Please use the drop-down to tell us how important each factor is to you overall. We’ll use these answers to recommend which universities might be the best fit for you.